Good Morning, Monday

Monday Morning and almost March!  Monday mornings aren’t bad when you are at home and have the rest of the day to create facing you.  No commute is nice.

I just watched a preview video of a watercolor portrait demonstration by Mary Whyte.  It sooooo makes me want to do a portrait!  Watercolor, pastel, oil… I just want to paint a live subject!  Any models out there?  And she was painting watercolor upright on an easel.  I have never done that and painting flat (ish) on a table top, I find that my drawing gets distorted.

Meanwhile, I did a birds nest (my best yet I think) in thread.  (I feel foolish saying thread is my chosen medium!)  This one is about 6×7, it started off being about 7×9!  I am discovering new things as I stitch.  The thicker the stitching is (as is this piece in the nest area), the more stable it is when you remove the soluble stablilizer, when your stitching is thinner (towards the edges in this case) it draws up more.  File that away in my head and see if I can retrieve it for my next piece.

Off to dust the easel!



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5 Responses to “Good Morning, Monday”

  1. Joan Baragar Says:


  2. Ken Says:

    The google alert worked! You blogged. Now I have to make the I google my home page at work. The Nest does look artistic. I love you.

  3. Joanne Thieme Huffman Says:

    lovely nest.

  4. Blue Ribbon Nest II « Lauren Finley's Blog Says:

    […] so I added pastel and ink.  I am not the purist I use to be.  Compare this to my thread painting here.  I think I like the tread painting more.  The thread painting  sold, which I am very happy […]

  5. Julia Evatt Says:

    The bird graduates are adorable–like they’re on the way to becoming wise old owls. Other stuff great too–I’m just catching up on your recent postings.

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