You say cicada…

How do you pronounce cicada?  Long a or short a?  I was using a short a and my daughter kept correcting me saying “si-cay-da”.  I looked it up in the dictionary and while her pronunciation is first, my version is in there, too!

Here is a cicada who doesn’t care what you call it.

I also worked on linen this week and stitched a house for a little chickadee.

These are both done with free motion machine embroidery.


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2 Responses to “You say cicada…”

  1. joanne thieme huffman Says:

    The way you pronounce cicada must really “bug” your daughter (sorry, couldn’t resist). I am amazed at your free motion work – outstanding!

  2. Karen Owen Says:

    I’ve always pronounced it with a long a. It’s funny we grew up together, and you say it with a short a. Love both these pieces!

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