taking care of business

The business these days is art.  In January, I said I will do  my darn best to stay in the studio and create art.  I am making it my priority and although I still have guilt feelings that I am not doing something “worthwhile”, I am forcing my thoughts differently! I have to ask why that thought is there to begin with, though… it must have be something inherent from our society.  My mother is an artist, she didn’t instill that feeling in me.  Maybe it comes from hearing too many comments like that I read this week on Facebook, “If your talent isn’t enough to sell your work, get a real job.”  This was in response to NPR and National Endowment of the Arts proposed funding cuts.  The problem in the statement is not his opinion, but his use of “real  job.”  It should read “another job.”  This term invalidates art as a viable career choice for all artists, even the wealthy famous ones.   This is the thinking that must change.  Imagine a world without art….printed material done without thought of layout and design, houses built by placing room next to room without thought of presence, children’s literature without pictures, even Google without the fun icons created for special days and people.  Art permeates our world, time we valued its worth.

I have applied to and been accepted to show my art in the first annual Jasper Artfest in Jasper, Georgia during the middle of April! Yay!!!  This means I have to have art to show!!!  Budding new opportunities to anticipate!

This week has been productive.  I am painting small creatures in front of patterned backgrounds that  suggest wallpaper.  The patterns are inspired by various bits and pieces.  Here are a couple painted recently…

These are small paintings, the top is 5×7  and the lower one is 5×5, both are acrylic on canvas.



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3 Responses to “taking care of business”

  1. Karen Owen Says:

    I would like to know who the idiot was who said that on Facebook. What you said about a world with no art is so true, and I have to add that the same thing applies to music as well. But enough with the tirade … I love your little canvases. The bird has so much texture that at first I thought it was one of your thread paintings, and the bunny is adorable.

  2. joanne thieme huffman Says:

    I love your little creatures in front of patterns. And, how cool that you will be in the art show in April!

  3. Elizabeth Harper Says:

    Good point about the NPR on the ” real versus another ” job comment and congratulations on the Jasper ArtFest acceptance. Your booth is going to rock!

    I love these small prints with the wallpaper backgrounds.

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