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Good Morning, Monday

February 28, 2011

Monday Morning and almost March!  Monday mornings aren’t bad when you are at home and have the rest of the day to create facing you.  No commute is nice.

I just watched a preview video of a watercolor portrait demonstration by Mary Whyte.  It sooooo makes me want to do a portrait!  Watercolor, pastel, oil… I just want to paint a live subject!  Any models out there?  And she was painting watercolor upright on an easel.  I have never done that and painting flat (ish) on a table top, I find that my drawing gets distorted.

Meanwhile, I did a birds nest (my best yet I think) in thread.  (I feel foolish saying thread is my chosen medium!)  This one is about 6×7, it started off being about 7×9!  I am discovering new things as I stitch.  The thicker the stitching is (as is this piece in the nest area), the more stable it is when you remove the soluble stablilizer, when your stitching is thinner (towards the edges in this case) it draws up more.  File that away in my head and see if I can retrieve it for my next piece.

Off to dust the easel!


You say cicada…

February 24, 2011

How do you pronounce cicada?  Long a or short a?  I was using a short a and my daughter kept correcting me saying “si-cay-da”.  I looked it up in the dictionary and while her pronunciation is first, my version is in there, too!

Here is a cicada who doesn’t care what you call it.

I also worked on linen this week and stitched a house for a little chickadee.

These are both done with free motion machine embroidery.

attacus cecropia

February 21, 2011

Another butterfly except this one is a moth.     This is my rendition of an attacus cecropia with a wingspan of 6″!!   I was trying to use only cotton threads but broke down and bought some polyester.  Seems polyester comes in a wider array of hues and values than does 100% cotton.  I do love colors…

This  moth at 7″ wide and 4″ tall is just slightly larger than actual size, and is free motion machine embroidery on water soluble stabilizer.

Machine Made Lace

February 14, 2011

One of my favorite movies these days is Gosford Park, upstairs downstairs kind of whodunit and in it, a ladies maid says “I hate machine made lace.  Never looks as good and is twice as much work.”  She hasn’t seen what my sewing machine can do!  This was made on my machine with that free motion embroidery I am all the time doing.

I think I am in the lace business!!!

taking care of business

February 13, 2011

The business these days is art.  In January, I said I will do  my darn best to stay in the studio and create art.  I am making it my priority and although I still have guilt feelings that I am not doing something “worthwhile”, I am forcing my thoughts differently! I have to ask why that thought is there to begin with, though… it must have be something inherent from our society.  My mother is an artist, she didn’t instill that feeling in me.  Maybe it comes from hearing too many comments like that I read this week on Facebook, “If your talent isn’t enough to sell your work, get a real job.”  This was in response to NPR and National Endowment of the Arts proposed funding cuts.  The problem in the statement is not his opinion, but his use of “real  job.”  It should read “another job.”  This term invalidates art as a viable career choice for all artists, even the wealthy famous ones.   This is the thinking that must change.  Imagine a world without art….printed material done without thought of layout and design, houses built by placing room next to room without thought of presence, children’s literature without pictures, even Google without the fun icons created for special days and people.  Art permeates our world, time we valued its worth.

I have applied to and been accepted to show my art in the first annual Jasper Artfest in Jasper, Georgia during the middle of April! Yay!!!  This means I have to have art to show!!!  Budding new opportunities to anticipate!

This week has been productive.  I am painting small creatures in front of patterned backgrounds that  suggest wallpaper.  The patterns are inspired by various bits and pieces.  Here are a couple painted recently…

These are small paintings, the top is 5×7  and the lower one is 5×5, both are acrylic on canvas.