a sheep’s head

I studied architecture in college and in the early 80’s when I graduated, there was a revival of Williamburg’s Colonial style.  And I say Williamsburg because it was the source of practically all the details used at the time.  One of those details is called a sheep’s head.  I cannot find the term in any architectural dictionary but if you see the detail, you understand why it is called a sheep’s head.  It is the shaped piece of wood at the end of the rake into which the fascia and cornice abut.  The shape of the piece is similar to the profile of a sheep’s head (hence the name) and is a very cute detail.  Much better than the boxed ending on a lot of houses these days.  Visit this link to see a picture of one.

This sheep’s head is based on the real thing, not its namesake, but I will always think of the cute little architectural detail when I hear the term.  The size of this thread art is 3.75″ x 4″.

A word to the wise… don’t ever tell the principal architect who signs your paycheck,  you think your design is cute.  It guarantees you a negative critique!  Apparently architecture is not supposed to be cute.




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One Response to “a sheep’s head”

  1. joanne thieme huffman Says:

    well, your sheep’s head is cute.

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