creatures at tea

I stitched a few more linens this week.  These are tea towels on linen fabric.  The animals from that animal book I mentioned when I showed you birds I stitched on the napkins.

These could be the Mr. Hyde versions of the animals.  The bunny looks a little frightening and I think the poor rhino has a toothache.  But, hey, isn’t that a great moose?!  Speaking of which,  we were just watching Nature on PBS.   It was about Yellowstone in winter.  Why not show that in the heat of July when we are sweltering instead of shivering?  Show us equatorial creatures to warm us up on cold dark winter nights.

I am trying to create these animals with a continuous line of thread. I have had a few stitches break though so  I cannot say that it has happened yet.  Let me change my needle and try again…


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3 Responses to “creatures at tea”

  1. joanne thieme huffman Says:

    Extremely cool tea towels!

  2. Joan Baragar Says:

    Those are wonderful. Its a treat to know youMerry Christmas.

  3. Julia Evatt Says:

    I love your whimsical creatures, “all creatures great and small.”

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