Of Mice and Fish

It’s the countdown before Christmas and I have only made one Christmas craft so far.  The mood just has not hit yet (other than a tiny sensation when I saw my sister Karen’s pretty Christmas cones here).  I hope for some good crafting time and time to put up the tree during the next couple of day.

I did spend the day yesterday making Christmas candy with Suzannah and Emma.  It was a very fun time and I have a ton (maybe not quite that much) of chocolates in the refrigerator and a few dozen bourbon balls that might guarantee a fun time if you eat more than one.  They are strong!  Our most fun creations were these little mice that my friends Carol and Allison taught me to make a couple of Christmases ago.  You dip a very dry maraschino cherry in tempered chocolate, add two slivers of almonds and a chocolate chip face.  Then dot with tubed gel icing for eyes.  Fun to make, more fun to eat, just don’t look at it when you pop it into your mouth.

I started a thread piece fish a week or so  ago and put it aside, did not much like it.  But last Friday I was given some yummy cookies wrapped in a paper napkin by MaryAnn and used the napkin as inspiration for a background for that boring fish.  It is now a Jacobean Fish with a watermelon belly but I like it.  I love the jewel colors in it.

Sorry for not linking you to all these creative people I mentioned.  None have linkable places….


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4 Responses to “Of Mice and Fish”

  1. Joan Baragar Says:

    Fish, now your talking. I loved the napkin and really love the fish.

  2. joanne thieme huffman Says:

    Your fish piece is delightful; and, does indeed, look Jacobean. The mice are adorable.

  3. Karen Owen Says:

    Those little mice are so cute! Love the colorful fish.

  4. Bonni Brooks Says:

    That’s beautiful color in the fish piece. I’m enjoying all of the postings…cute mice!

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