Looking for tropical sunshine with 110 volt duplex outlet….

Where did summer go????  Wasn’t it here just yesterday?  Or no longer ago than last week?  How can it be December already? Each season has its own  loveliness, but I sure wish winter were a little warmer.  I think someone should invent a heated suit we could don in winter.  Think heated blanket in  clothes form.  Is it warm where you are?  Can I come visit for three months with sewing machine and thread in tow?

Here is  a little bird looking very forlorn.   Maybe he, too, much prefers warmer weather.  It is 5″x6″, done in cotton threads on water soluble stabilizer.

If you are in the cold North Georgia area, go visit the Evatt/Edwards show at the Sharptop Arts Association Gallery in Jasper.  Julia Evatt is my mother and is exhibiting her sculptures.  Barbara Edwards is exhibiting watercolor and water media paintings. The show is open now and runs through December 18.  Stop by and see their beautiful artwork.


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2 Responses to “Looking for tropical sunshine with 110 volt duplex outlet….”

  1. Karen Owen Says:

    I love this little birdie! On my walk this morning (yes, I walked when it was 28 degrees out – aren’t you proud of me?) I saw a little bird lying dead on the sidewalk. It made me so sad. I wondered if he froze. I moved him off the sidewalk onto the softer grass. Just seemed more fitting somehow.

  2. joanne thieme huffman Says:

    It is the season to start cocooning. Your little bird looks delightful.

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