Still alive and kickin’ (and sewing and painting)

I was reminded that I have a blog and when you have a blog you should post occasionally.  My creative pursuits for the last couple of weeks are as follows…

Creating banners for the youth room at church.  These have taken forever to do and are still not finished.  I am making them like floor cloths and they need some polyurethane.  Two down, one to go.

With the cold weather here, I pulled out my rigid heddle loom and wove a pretty (I think) blue scarf out of this marvelous wool yarn.  I love wool.  Still need to get a sheep.  And land for it to graze.

These are a set of napkins onto which I free hand embroidered (by machine) birds from that much used and copied Dover publication of copyright- free Animals.  I see familiar images everywhere.  Funny how all our brains churn in the most similar fashion… usually according to fashion.


I am reminded of an old joke.

What did the father tomato do to the baby tomato  when he was lagging behind?  He stomped on him and said “ketchup!”

Cruel father tomato.  But I am now caught-up.



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