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Beginning Felting

December 29, 2010

I finally went and bought some wool roving so I could give felting a try.  I found a Martha Stewart clip online which showed Jenn Dougherty making these sweet little felt birds.  Only poking myself once with a very sinister looking needle, I did manage to create this tiny 2″ long bird which I think is just plain ol’ cute.

I also tried my hand at wet felting.  That needs a little more practice but I have some more roving…

Remember the lyric’s “I’ll go no more a-r0ving with you fair maid”?  I understand the origin of that roving but what is the origin of calling combed out wool tresses roving?  Anyone know?

December 24, 2010

creatures at tea

December 21, 2010

I stitched a few more linens this week.  These are tea towels on linen fabric.  The animals from that animal book I mentioned when I showed you birds I stitched on the napkins.

These could be the Mr. Hyde versions of the animals.  The bunny looks a little frightening and I think the poor rhino has a toothache.  But, hey, isn’t that a great moose?!  Speaking of which,  we were just watching Nature on PBS.   It was about Yellowstone in winter.  Why not show that in the heat of July when we are sweltering instead of shivering?  Show us equatorial creatures to warm us up on cold dark winter nights.

I am trying to create these animals with a continuous line of thread. I have had a few stitches break though so  I cannot say that it has happened yet.  Let me change my needle and try again…

First Frost

December 19, 2010

December 19 and the two family birthdays are past, we now just need to get ready for that big one we celebrate on the 25th.  (Not that my kids birthdays aren’t big and important, you know what I mean…)  If we lived in the southern hemisphere, we could have outdoor celebrations at Christmas and with a not so big house and a not so small family, pitching a tent and putting up tables outside sounds like an ideal, if not white, Christmas.   This is said because I have a house to clean and I would rather be playing….

Wouldn’t it be fun to have the Ghost of Christmas Past  take you on a trip back in time to your earliest Christmases, just to relive that excitement and anticipation all over again?  I have a photograph of my father I just love.   Christmas morning and he is probably wired on coffee from staying up all night putting bicycles together.

The other photo is of my sister, Donna, and me taken early on the Christmas morning our parents created a new bedroom for us.  I guess we may have been around 9 and 10.  My mother sewed the daisy bedspread and curtains and they painted the room this most beautiful shade of bright blue and built the  corner desk and shelves.  Try keeping that a surprise from your kids the week before Christmas.  But, scouts honor, I didn’t peek.  At least I don’t remember peeking.

Donna is in the foreground.  She gets her wided eyed expression from Daddy.

This is what I have been working on the last couple of days when I wasn’t going though old pictures!

Little Towhee

December 15, 2010

The arctic blast that has frozen Georgia has the birds out looking for food.  Personally, I would be huddled in that nest shivering off a few pounds until the weather warmed up.  But, there they are, scratching the ground, eating the seeds we put out and ice skating on the frozen bird bath.  The one that caught my eye most was the toohee.  The white on its underside was brilliant against the black of his hooded head.  Wish I had nature’s palette.

Stay warm.


Of Mice and Fish

December 9, 2010

It’s the countdown before Christmas and I have only made one Christmas craft so far.  The mood just has not hit yet (other than a tiny sensation when I saw my sister Karen’s pretty Christmas cones here).  I hope for some good crafting time and time to put up the tree during the next couple of day.

I did spend the day yesterday making Christmas candy with Suzannah and Emma.  It was a very fun time and I have a ton (maybe not quite that much) of chocolates in the refrigerator and a few dozen bourbon balls that might guarantee a fun time if you eat more than one.  They are strong!  Our most fun creations were these little mice that my friends Carol and Allison taught me to make a couple of Christmases ago.  You dip a very dry maraschino cherry in tempered chocolate, add two slivers of almonds and a chocolate chip face.  Then dot with tubed gel icing for eyes.  Fun to make, more fun to eat, just don’t look at it when you pop it into your mouth.

I started a thread piece fish a week or so  ago and put it aside, did not much like it.  But last Friday I was given some yummy cookies wrapped in a paper napkin by MaryAnn and used the napkin as inspiration for a background for that boring fish.  It is now a Jacobean Fish with a watermelon belly but I like it.  I love the jewel colors in it.

Sorry for not linking you to all these creative people I mentioned.  None have linkable places….

Looking for tropical sunshine with 110 volt duplex outlet….

December 6, 2010

Where did summer go????  Wasn’t it here just yesterday?  Or no longer ago than last week?  How can it be December already? Each season has its own  loveliness, but I sure wish winter were a little warmer.  I think someone should invent a heated suit we could don in winter.  Think heated blanket in  clothes form.  Is it warm where you are?  Can I come visit for three months with sewing machine and thread in tow?

Here is  a little bird looking very forlorn.   Maybe he, too, much prefers warmer weather.  It is 5″x6″, done in cotton threads on water soluble stabilizer.

If you are in the cold North Georgia area, go visit the Evatt/Edwards show at the Sharptop Arts Association Gallery in Jasper.  Julia Evatt is my mother and is exhibiting her sculptures.  Barbara Edwards is exhibiting watercolor and water media paintings. The show is open now and runs through December 18.  Stop by and see their beautiful artwork.

Still alive and kickin’ (and sewing and painting)

December 2, 2010

I was reminded that I have a blog and when you have a blog you should post occasionally.  My creative pursuits for the last couple of weeks are as follows…

Creating banners for the youth room at church.  These have taken forever to do and are still not finished.  I am making them like floor cloths and they need some polyurethane.  Two down, one to go.

With the cold weather here, I pulled out my rigid heddle loom and wove a pretty (I think) blue scarf out of this marvelous wool yarn.  I love wool.  Still need to get a sheep.  And land for it to graze.

These are a set of napkins onto which I free hand embroidered (by machine) birds from that much used and copied Dover publication of copyright- free Animals.  I see familiar images everywhere.  Funny how all our brains churn in the most similar fashion… usually according to fashion.


I am reminded of an old joke.

What did the father tomato do to the baby tomato  when he was lagging behind?  He stomped on him and said “ketchup!”

Cruel father tomato.  But I am now caught-up.