Portrait Painting

These two portraits were commissioned for a memorial case commemorating the lives and generosity of the two women portrayed.  I showed the lower one last week but have worked on it a bit more since then.  They were done round to fit within a round space in the case.

While doing portraits, I feel as though I am on intimate terms with the person whose face I am probing for understanding.  These paintings were done from photographs, both of these women are deceased.  But unfortunately, the best you can strive for when painting from a photograph is making the person look like the photograph.  Painting from life is much better but it is difficult to arrange and makes the model feel uncomfortable with all that probing  going on.  Visit Gurney Journey to see a comparison of John Singer Sargent’s painting of Coventry Patmore done from life  to a photograph  taken at a similar time.  I find the comparison fascinating.

If you are interested in having a portrait  done, contact me.  I would be interested in doing it.


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One Response to “Portrait Painting”

  1. Karen Owen Says:

    I went to that link. That was so interesting, and I agree that the portrait is so much more intriguing than the photo. Your portraits are beautifully done. Who are they for? (You can e-mail me privately with the answer.)

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