the girls of agnes scott

A few years back in an antique store in Tennessee, I bought 1923 yearbook from Atlanta’s Agnes Scott College.  I bought its companion, a 1923 yearbook from Staunton Military Academy.  I surmise the original owners of these yearbooks married and  their unsentimental offspring got rid of them while cleaning out the attic.  Rid of the yearbook, that is, not the owners.

Today I had a day just to do what I wanted and I have always loved blind contour drawings so I used the girls of Agnes Scott as resource material to do a series of faces.  I truly did start out with a blind contour but I admit, after I got the basis of the face I went in and “developed” and then colored the pictures.

What amazes me the most is how all these girls are so fashionable for the roaring twenties and today.  Their hair cuts and clothes would be quite stylish on the streets today.

And speaking of old photos….

I have just always pictured the period of time prior to say, 1950 as black and white.  So seldom do you see a picture in color prior to that, that it makes the pictures here even more remarkable.   Well worth your time to take a look.  It’s like going to Oz.


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5 Responses to “the girls of agnes scott”

  1. Joan Baragar Says:

    Thank you for sharing those wonderful pictures. I remember my mother looking like that when she came home from work at the airplain plant. She was a welder. Your a wonder

  2. joanne thieme huffman Says:

    great drawings – they look like the kind of girls who were great fun at the time. The color photos are remarkable – I think my favorites are from the state fairs, although the family photos are compelling, too.

  3. Karen Owen Says:

    These faces have so much character! Loved the link to those photos. The family photos were such a glimpse into the past. It was fun to look at what they were eating and how they were dressed. The photos would make great material for your paintings.

  4. Carol Massey Says:

    Loved your blind coutours. We were doing this the other night at the art center. Funny how things come in waves.

    I enjoyed the color photos. What struck me is there were no fat people and people were dressed up for the forth of july celebration. We used to dress up for football games- heels, hats and gloves! Year? 1965-68 ish. Soon after that things began to get casual. Guess they started getting fatter too. Maybe we should go back to hats and gloves.

  5. The Four Miss Willises « Lauren Finley's Blog Says:

    […] pencil drawings of  some of the Agnes Scott girls done several months ago.  You can see them here.  I was playing with pebble quilting in different colors to see how it reads.  I debated whether […]

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