Forget Liberia, Hello San Marino!

An obligation complete.  One 12″ quilt square I volunteered to make way back in August and then missed my deadline by more than a week.  Well, not completely my fault, but still….

This is going into a quilt that has something to do with participating Olympic countries.  My country was San Marino which I knew nothing about until I picked it from the few remaining.  I still know nothing about it except what I have gleaned from Wikipedia.  It is the “oldest surviving sovereign state”  having been established in 301 AD and this is a tower called Guaita built on a summit in the 11th century.  My first choice of countries was assigned to two people and I relinquished it to the other person.  This gave me a very short deadline and ideas weren’t coming easily on how to represent the country.  The tower caught my attention.

I hope it holds its own with the remaining squares.

While in England, my family walked the halls of the Leeds Castle.  It is a little younger than this building dating  from the 12th century.  I was so awed by its history and presence, I just wanted to wander and wonder by myself.  The tour guide was more interested in telling us all about the 20th century American heiress that modernized and decorated it than to do more than rush over its earlier times.  I believe he was as awed of the Lady Baillie as I was of the building itself.

Wish there were buildings like that around here.


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4 Responses to “Forget Liberia, Hello San Marino!”

  1. Karen Owen Says:

    This will definitely hold its own! It’s beautiful. I love the sound of San Marino – I think I want to go there even though I’ve never heard of it before.

  2. joanne thieme huffman Says:

    It’s a beautiful square and will certainly hold more than its own with other squares.

  3. Joan Baragar Says:

    it is a very moving quilt sq. You put so much of yourself into everyting you do. Our friend Maryann sold a painting at the members show and Carol got best in show.

  4. Cindy Gossett Says:

    Great job! Where do you & Karen get all that talent?! I know that she is a wonderful seamstress. Enjoyed your blog! 🙂

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