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Robin’s Nest

August 28, 2010

Growing up, I listened to many sermons in church on Sundays about perseverance.  Such a big word for little ears (okay, Karen and Donna, so my ears were never little) but when you pair it with the apostle Paul’s lesson on racing to the end the meaning is easily understood.  It has always been a word that catches my attention when it is said (and never fails to remind me of our beloved pastor,  Rev. L. Howard  Gordon).  Now that I am adult-ish, I realize how important perseverance is in all aspects of life.  Prayer is best answered with perseverance, exercise is only effective with perseverance,  relationships take tons of perseverance,  goals are met with perseverance and with a little perseverance you can correct and finish an a disappointing  piece of art.  The robin’s nest and eggs below were slow in coming together and I almost gave up.  I couldn’t get it right.  But, I cut away 1/3 of the image, I increased the size of the nest, I added leaves and twigs and I just kept adding thread.  I tried to put my painting lessons to use and actually used knowledge to fix it.  It is now pretty thick and stiff but I am pleased with the image.

I do wish you could see it in person, photos don’t do these thread pieces justice.

Hummingbird Repose

August 22, 2010

I watched the most beautiful Nature episode on PBS yesterday about Hummingbirds.    The show showed all kinds of hummingbirds captured  in the most wonderful photography.  It showed their wings in flight, their tail feathers spread, their ability to catch bugs in flight (did you know hummingbirds were carnivores?).  And it showed their nests.  Wonderful tiny creations the size of large walnuts and when the birds were perched in them, they look just the sweetest, most perfect  creature ever!

What a treasure it would be to find a hummingbird nest.  The show inspired me to create the thread art below.  This particular nest is only in South America (I think I am remembering correctly).  It was just about like you see it below, with bright green fibers intertwined to make a long (much longer than my piece shows) hanging nest.

I sketched my composition in colored pencil first and thought I would show you the beginning and the end.  This was a good way to repose myself this weekend while nursing bronchitis and an ear infection.   On the mend now and ready to sketch some more!  Lots more  hummingbird inspiration.  But then again, I am thinking I want to play with a Maxfield Parrish image.  I think that his color use would be perfect interpreted in thread!  Stay tuned…

Outside Looking In

August 19, 2010

Computer problems this week.  What’s up when you can access your programs thru the task manager but the whole windows operating systems is kerplunk?  But it is the only computer in the house attached to the scanner.  It is very slow and very taxing to use…

Also slow these days is my desire to blog.  My apologies to my loyal followers.  Both of you.  I have been working on some textile art.  Actually started a small tapestry to get back into it.  I was trying to do something simple, but perhaps it’s a little too simple.  It doesn’t  have much pizazz. I will share it when I finish.

I started the little thread art, shown below, last night with a colored pencil sketch and started stitching this morning before I left for work.  I just finished it this evening, easy enough to do when it is only about 3.5″ x 5″.  I used the ever popular house shape.

The first person who tells me it looks like a patch best beware…

Stone Angel

August 9, 2010

I have been stitching on the above for a week or two now and, until today, could only see a giant sloth with wings.  She is another angel keeping watch over the souls who restfully lay (I hope) on Myrtle Hill in Rome, Georgia.  You can see her sisters painted in oil in a previous post.   (I am not sure you ever saw the final paintings….)  I remember learning about sloths as a kid and found them rather fascinating.  Imagine lumbering along at a snail’s pace.  The older I get, the more I feel I do!  Our Renaissance images of angels look different than the ones described in the Old Testament, I wonder if God ever thought about making them look like sloths.

To the creator of the beautiful marble image this work has inspired – Your angel is lovely and in no way looks like a sloth in person.  I hope you would be pleased at my rendition of her.

Sunday Afternoon on the Orient Express

August 1, 2010

I am an addict.  To mysteries anyway.  Some of my happiest moments are when there is a new mystery on Masterpiece Mystery Theater (or whatever they call it since they combined the two) on PBS.  The Masterpiece part is okay but the mysteries are great!  They have recently aired some new Hercule Poirot movies.  The older ones are less dark then the recent ones but the cinematography is beautiful in both.

A couple of weeks ago Murder On The Orient Express was aired.  I found an image toward the end of the show that I really wanted to recreate.  Knowing full well that no claim can be made on my part to this composition or color or idea, I really did it to see if I could and I am showing it to you because it is the first image in a long time I wanted to show anyone!!!  I wanted to recreate the haunting-ness of the image and I think I have managed.  Makes me think of Seraut’s Sunday Afternoon on the… with the high contrast and silhouetted figures.   Of course, the similarity ends there… or do you think thread stitches count as (1/8th inch long) point(s)illism?

Off to create a totally original piece.  Although I am not sure that is really possible.  Seems all ideas are spawned from something else.