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One potato…

July 26, 2010

I am pleased to say that I have actually had a couple of people ask what have I been doing lately so I thought I would post something.  Anything.

This little towhee is in colored pencil and is about 4″ long.

This bigger towhee is done in fabrics and is about 12″ long.

I created it with the idea of placing it in an art quilt.  I struggle with the background.  I have already ruled out two efforts.  I like the bird enough to try to get it right.  I placed it on a simple, colorless background and realized it needed more vibrancy.  I placed it on a tree and realized that  makes it look too traditionally picturesque.  I hope it will find a home in my next placement.

I am very much inspired by the art of Annemieke Mein.  I ordered her book thru Amazon and have been devouring it since its arrival.  I am very impressed by the large scale of her work and also the amount of research she puts into a piece.  It is amazing work.

Another artist whose talent is enviable is Karin Franzen.  Worth a trip to her site.

But, this is what I have really been doing.  Watching a potato sprout.  I haven’t had the heart to throw it away.  Looks like an evolving creature from the black lagoon.  Showing my true self now…..

IF is Double this week.  Think a duplicated image fits???


July 11, 2010

It’s been a doodling kind of weekend.  More Zentangle patterns (both copied and inspired)  done in my sketchbook, around a bird that turned out too dark.

Doodling can be all consuming… I might just have to go fill those other pages with birds on them!

Subject Matter

July 6, 2010

One of the biggest problems I have is coming up with subject matter.  I want to paint (quilt, stitch, draw, carve, weave…) and my first thought is “what do I paint (quilt, stitch, etc…..)?”  So, I turn to my scans of old photos for inspiration.  This particular photo is of my sister, Donna, when she was 2 or 3.  She has the curliest hair ever and the story goes that she had to have it put into a ponytail or bun.  I don’t remember, I was a baby at the time.

I went to work on this picture.

This is the small color study I did in prismacolor pencils with a little pastel pencil.  I was going for vibrancy in color.

This is the 24″ square acrylic painting done from the color study.  I didn’t even look at the photo at this point, I wasn’t interested in creating a portrait of Donna.  I was more interested in being painterly.

I believe this in a nutshell is why I have such a hard time with calling myself an artist.  I am not so much inspired to paint a subject or express something in a painting as I have the desire to just paint.  Perhaps a career in house painting???

The original photograph was taken by T. J. Eubanks, my grandfather.  He had such crispness in the photo (it is a tiny photograph) and I went and obliterated it.

Finished Quilts

July 4, 2010

Finally, I get to show off the two “t” shirt quilts I made for Peggy, who commissioned them for her granddaughter, Mary Margaret and her neice, Sydney.  Peggy saved her “t” shirts   from Camp Juliette Low and I converted them into these!  I used all my favorite fabric bits and pieces.  I think they turned out beautiful if I do say so myself.