Family Pairs

I have been stitching.  This is my father, Don Evatt and Pop, his father, John Evatt.  Daddy joined the navy when he was right out of high school at the end of WWII.  He became a telegraph operator on a South Pacific air craft carrier.  He could do the Morse code like no other.  Not that I would know, but…   Luckily, it was at the end of the war and he came home fine.  He had two close-in-age brothers, Rob was in the air force,  Paul joined the army.  Can you even imagine what that was like for their parents?

We have several little photos of Daddy and his parents and siblings.  Apparently the camera’s viewfinder could only hold 2 at a time because there are only 2 people in any of the photos.  I love these old photos.  I try to read as much as possible about them at that time of their lives (since I wasn’t even yet a glimmer in Daddy’s eye yet).

This is done on my sewing machine  in cotton thread on tear away stabilizer.   I “drew” (with my needle)  the image in red thread to begin with and it peeks thru.   I am pleased with the fragment look of the piece.   And… these are the first people I have done that I am proud of.  Small images of faces in sunlight are difficult to deal with.  Any detail in them seems cartoonish.  I tried to remember how I would handle it if I were painting and did the same thing.  Basically, use warm colors and forget detail.

Thread painting is similar to pastels.  You’ve only a finite number of colors to choose from so you have to let your eye do the blending.   As I was using up spool after spool of thread, I wondered how expensive this technique is compared to the cost of painting or weaving or quilting.  I know I don’t have to replenish my paints or fabric stash as quickly as I do thread.


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4 Responses to “Family Pairs”

  1. Elizabeth Harper Says:

    I like this, but can’t imagine the amount of work involved. Is there anyway you could show us the photographs that provided the inspiration?

  2. Karen Owen Says:

    You are getting so good at this art form.

  3. Kathy S Says:

    Love this!!! I love old photos, too, and work from them a lot. This really is quite a wonderful visual story.

  4. tommye scanlin Says:

    Beautiful! Keep on using those thread spools!!

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