lessons learned

Below, you will see a failed attempt.  But all is not lost because I learned some things from the experience.

I can be manipulative.  With fabric that is.  I quilted a cutting from Ken’s shirt (thanks, Hon) and, after washing it so that it puckered, painted on it with fabric paints and even tried some dye mixes.  I have a lot more to learn about this, but the idea is exciting to me.

I can look at something and decide it doesn’t work, in this case the purple did not work with the blue background.  I added a lot of blue thread to the mix and it helped.  I like the fact that art isn’t all just a natural ability.  You can analyze and determine what a piece needs and fix it.  Erasers are allowed.

I can hand embroider easier thru layers of quilted fabric than I can thru stabilizer on the back of machine embroidery.  So, I should get rid of the stabilizer and thicken my fabrics.  I like doing handwork.  It’s a whole lot easier to hear the tv with hand work than with machine work.

I like the horizon effect.  I am going to incorporate that more.

So, the piece doesn’t work.  Big deal when I have learned so much.BTW , I was calling this piece “Outstanding in Her Field”.  I am trying to think of titles, not always so easy.


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One Response to “lessons learned”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Quite lovely!

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