this was my week…

I’ve been a little lazy in posting lately.  I haven’t been lazy in working though.  Seems like this week has been busier than ever and I am just plum’ wore out!  All I want to do is lay in the hammock and read. Alas, it is raining so I sit in front of the computer and look.

What am I looking at?  Art!  Lots and lots of art!  I am thrilled to be able to easily see what artists from who knows where are creating.  Fiber art is holding my interest this week (who knows what I will be fascinated by next week!).  I have found a couple of links that showcase different artists…

The Studio Art Quilt Associates and Fiber Artists Collective

I am inspired by both!

In my idle time this week I have found two real bird nests in my yard, one in the fern making it difficult to water…

and another one high in a shrub that I can only see from below.

I created a bird to go with my stuffed eggs (from an earlier post).  I painted it, then “un” painted it.  Now I have a dilemma as to what to do with it.  It may remain whitewashed as has a papier mache overly ripe woman from a couple of years ago.  If you have an idea….

And then I am working on a “generations” something or other.  Maybe an art quilt, maybe a painting or mixed media piece, maybe even a tapestry (that would be ambitious).  Here is my start with sketching.  These are women from the past in my family.

And last, a cute little yellow bird that may become thread art to match the other cute little birds in thread.  This study is colored pencil on rough paper.

Going back to the women in the sketch…

Seems as if many people don’t understand why old photographs have such dismal, unhappy people in them.  I don’t really know the technical reasons or if they were told not to smile but I do know that exposure time was longer and holding a smile is difficult.  A portrait with a smile on the face of the person is a portrait done from a photograph.  It is simply difficult to hold a smile for any length of time.  Unless you are a professional beauty contestant.

These ladies look unhappy, but as I was studying them, I felt such a closeness to them, wondering about them, if they were unhappy or just tired with their tight lips (the woman on the left has a tiny infant in her arms).  I decided they were a very happy family even without smiles.  The older woman  even has a small nosegay in her hands.

The older couple on the right are Thomas Marr and Elizabeth Welch, my great great grandparents, photographed in 1908.

Stopped raining… off to read while the light is good.


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2 Responses to “this was my week…”

  1. tommye scanlin Says:

    Have you seen the latest Fiberarts magazine? Great article about Carol Shinn who works in machine stitching.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    As I remember the story, there was a difference in the attitiude towards taking pictures. One was not to smile. I’m not sure why and I’m not sure what changed to make people start smiling in pictures. Anyway – maybe they are really happy, but are doing whatever was customary.

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