no intelligent life down here

I saw an alien this morning.

After my quiet solitude this morning, watching birds at the feeders and sketching garden flowers for design motifs, I took my glasses off.  Mind you at the age of 52, I am no longer four eyes, but now six eyes, not being able to see up close anymore either.

Without glasses you eliminate detail.  This is good if you are trying to fill in the whole picture, creating composition, establishing mass and value.

And you hear better too.

So, sitting on my patio, observing blurriness, and listening to the sweet sound of birds, I saw a space ship gliding across the dark background of a thicket of pines, gleaming in the light of the sun.  I watched it pass 40 feet or so before I realized I didn’t have my glasses on.

My large three pointed hovering alien spaceship turned into a seedpod floating down from its mother tree.  Looking for a place to plant and thrive.  Just like the rest of us.

Oh, look!  A two headed cardinal!!!


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2 Responses to “no intelligent life down here”

  1. Elizabeth Harper Says:

    Funny story … my eyes are going too. I came to accept my changing eyesight slowly in my 30’s. Even though an eye exam showed I needed glasses for distance, it wasn’t until I bought a new car and thought there was something wrong with the glass in the windshield that made me see that the prescription for glasses I’d had for six months might need to be filled.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Are you sure all you did was take your glasses off??? LOL

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