goin’ 3D

Still a birds nest, but in 3 dimensions.  The egg is canvas, sewn into the shape, stuffed with fiberfill, coated with gesso and then painted and varnished.  Very fun and I think the next one will turn out better.

The nest is a different story.  Hard, hard and hard.  Very sticky.  The sticks stuck me as I tried to place them in to the nest.  I don’t see how those little birds do it.  I think next time I will soak the sticks in hot water and see if that makes them more pliable.

I have further plans for this nest and egg.  I will let you know if it comes off.

On another subject…Remember  I told you I did this small art quilt to win a Bernina sewing machine?  The contest has started.   If you would, please visit this site and vote for me.  Only caveat is that you have to join.  See the ‘join’ red box at the top right of the screen, click on it and follow thru the directions to join the email list.  Once you are confirmed (via email) you can go back to the Stitch This page under ‘photo galleries’ and click on my entry.  At that point a small box beside the image will say “vote for this” and if you click it, I will be one step closer to winning!!!  You may vote for others, too, but you may only vote once for any image.  Just make sure you don’t vote for anyone who has more votes than me….:)

Asking that of you goes so against my grain, but thank you very much if you do take the time to vote.

Oh, and you will be placed on an email list that sends you a daily email.  Just unsubscribe if you care nothing about ever buying quilting arts books and magazines.

Have a great Mother’s Day!


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One Response to “goin’ 3D”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    A bird’s nest for Mother’s Day – how sweet! We stopped in New Zealand at a Gotland Sheep farm to buy some natural colored wool. One the was out of the farmhouse, I noticed bird’s nests tucked away under a cabinet. She pulled them out proudly and exclaimed, “They are works of art!” And they were. The twist I thought you might like is the birds had started with the twigs, but then they lines the inner bowl with wool in various colors – black, white, grey and even a hint of dyed that had gotten loose form the process. With the use of the nest, the wool almost looked felted.

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