havin’ some fun…

Have you ever thought about how much you look like your parents or grandparents?  More than just the same color of eyes or hair.  But think about  how your bone structure is the same and how you age to look more and more like at least one of them (or maybe the milkman).  Have you ever seen siblings who did not look alike when young, but after the course of time, looked very similar?  I guess muscle and tissue ( and fat) change, but bones pretty much  stay the same.

I was drawing myself this afternoon.  I thought I had done a fine job, my husband said he could see me, but… …so, I showed him the sketch in a mirror (I drew myself with a mirror, he doesn’t look at me in a mirror) and he thought it looked just like me.  Obviously, my face is not symmetrical! Trying to decide what to do with the self portrait,  I did a line drawing on top of my sketch.  Playing around, I placed the transparent line drawing on top of the art quilt I did of my grandmother and my features matched hers exactly!  My daughter said “yeah, but you did the quilt.   You may have imposed yourself onto it.”  So I scanned the drawing and placed it on the original photo.  It still matched!! That was so much fun.

I wonder how far back you could go in seeing your face in your ancestors faces.  Would you still see similarities if you went back 400 years?  Or even to stone age men?  Wouldn’t that be cool to photographs of stone age men?!!

Okay, so I don’t have much of a life.

Wish I had lips.

When I was studying portraiture, we would do blind contour drawings as a warm up exercise.  They are drawings where you look only at your subject and concentrate on the features.  You don’t pay attention to your hand and what is being placed on the paper, that doesn’t matter.  The point is to “see” your subject.

I loved doing those.  So today, I warmed up by doing them.  These aren’t really representative of the exercise except one of them and that is the one that looks most like me.  It is the lowest one on the right.  The least fanciful one.  I went back on the others and sketched on top.  I think they make such fun drawings.  Not really caricatures, but close.  I like the top one best.  It may turn up somehow in another form.

These were done today.  For the last couple of days, I have been working on a watercolor.  Here is where it stands now.  My dilemma is what to do with the white background.  Any suggestions?


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7 Responses to “havin’ some fun…”

  1. Elizabeth Harper Says:

    I was born with one ear that stuck out slightly farther than I liked and was shaped really differently on the inside from my other ear so when I was in my 30’s, I found a good doctor and had it pinned back. In my forties, I came across a photograph of my great grandmother that was far younger than I had ever seen and it took me a minute to recognize who I was looking at in the photograph. After looking it over, I realized that we shared the same funny looking ear and frankly it made me a bit sad for changing something that linked me to a side of my family I never had a chance to spend enough time with growing up.

  2. Karen Owen Says:

    There is something very sensual and expressive about that watercolor. I wouldn’t presume to tell you what to do with your background, but I think like a collage artist and would probably put some text back there – probably illegible.

  3. Kate Says:

    I painted my grandmother once, then later did a sketch of my mother at about the same age my grandmother was in the painting. I felt like I was painting the same person, though I hadn’t ever really thought that they looked that much alike. It was odd to make that discovery by drawing – made me feel like I must not be very observant otherwise.

  4. laurenfinley Says:

    Funny you should mention ears and forebearers…I have the biggest, stick outi-est ears you will ever see that I inherited from my father. I so wanted to have them pinned back – until he died when I was 27. I think my ears are just fine now…

    Isn’t that right, Karen? Thanks. Text, huh? hmmmm, wonder if I could….

    Kathy (or are you Kate???),
    It’s amazing what we see when we look… and we never look as closely as when we paint!

  5. Sonya Chasey Says:

    I like the watercolour just as it is. The white background brings out the forms of the leaves.
    Glad I found your blog again!

  6. tommye scanlin Says:

    Leave it white! It’s beautiful as is.

  7. laurenfinley Says:

    Thanks, Tommye. It’s staying white (but mostly from the fact that I have moved on and I am guessing that is not the best reason but there is is)!

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