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Thank you all so much for your congratulations.  It was very encouraging to me to keep on painting (which I have been doing while taking a little sabbatical in blogging).  Floorcloths got into my psyche and for almost a week, I painted one with large bold flowers and dragonflies.  The bug’s bodies were painted in and I waited until the very end to paint the wings.  I wanted to use a glaze for transparency.  I was so pleased with the floorcloth until that point.  I should have left off the wings and had dragon-sticks instead.  Oh, well.  It’s only time.  But I finished it, varnished it and placed it in front of my sink for some color for the summertime.  Good news is, it got me back in the painting mode.

Marsh Wren with Nest

acrylic on board  18″x18″

Bird of Paradise

acrylic on board  12″ x 12″

These are done in reverse (rather like reverse applique).  I painted the board, masked out the plant forms and painted the background on top, then added details and birds nests.  I love painting birds nests.  Hope you aren’t tired of seeing them.  I am painting more of these!

I will let you painters in on a little secret.  Home Depot sells small container samples of acrylic paint.  The paints are thin (think wall paint which it is) but they have a wide range of colors pre-mixed and the price is $2.79.  You get more than twice as much paint with the Martha Stewart brand than the Glidden. Go figure.  I used these paints for the backgrounds and the blues on top.  I am pleased with the result.   And that is a lot less than Golden fluid acrylics.


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3 Responses to “back to painting”

  1. Karen Owen Says:

    Laurie, I absolutely love these! The birds nests are gorgeous. I have an online friend who is always touting the value of house paints. Like you, she pays the sample sizes. She also introduced me to using wall paint crackling medium which is much cheaper than the art store version. Works better too.

  2. Sonya Chasey Says:

    I very much like the wren painting – the spaces between work well & I like the cut-out quality of it.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    I just found those containers the other day – and was impressed. These used to be in little flexible pouches, but the rigid is soooo much more convenient!

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