Struggling on

You know, if there is as much struggling going on with other artists out there, as there is with me in here…

Here are two experiments.  The first is my attempt at whimsy.   I think the whimsy showed better in my thumbnail sketch than in the final piece.

The piece below is more in keeping with what I saw that inspired me  to create with thread.  It is done on  tear away stabilizer and I really like the movement created by that.  I could get “moth holes” or the appearance of age, a fragment of something potentially much larger, causing you to wonder.  The problem with it is that it is a magnolia flower.  No matter the medium, I think magnolias are the most difficult flower to capture.  Those transparent petals with just a hint of color…

After proofing this post, I realize that pushing on is the right thing to do.  Explore all that I can, while I can.    Long ago, my children would attempt to do something and after the first failure,  give up.  My response ” you expect to be perfect the first time?”  hit deaf ears.  I am thinking, perhaps I too, have this same issue…the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

The Rome Art Coterie’s opening reception  is tonight.   I have a pastel in it, go here to see which one.  Better yet,  just go to the show.  It is thru April at the River City Bank on 2nd Avenue in Rome, Georgia.


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One Response to “Struggling on”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    It’s so hard when you are good at so many things to not expect to be perfect so quickly! But it’s just that talent that makes you able to push onward to do the impossible!

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