lots and lots of thread later…

Time passes too quickly these days.  All of a sudden winter has become summer (springs are sometimes too short here) and the trees, which were devoid of all leaves last week at this time, are fully leafed (is that a word?).

I have been working on a small art quilt that I am going to enter into a contest to win a new Bernina sewing machine.  I will be shocked to win (and extremely happy) but am doing it for the challenge.  You need to represent the image given and this one happens to be a swan on her nest in colors I don’t find very appealing.  The point is to use as much visible machine stitching as possible.  If  this don’  count, I dunna wha’ does!

Lessons learned on this piece:

  • Don’t expect white thread to fully cover dark fabric.
  • Don’t free hand cut the fabric and expect it to appear straight.  I didn’t want the inner rectangle to read as a straight edge parallel to the top edge, but it is too close to being square that it makes it look off (as in a mistake)

The feathers are stitched on water soluble stablizer and then stitched onto the quilt for a little 3 dimensional effect.  I liked this and want to try it some more.

As I critique this myself, I see where improvements can be made.  Back to the sewing machine.

On top of a little work work (vs. play work), Easter, family, cooking and cleaning (to be honest, not much of that going on) this is how my week has passed.  Way too quickly.

Here is the link to the contest, just in case you want to enter.


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One Response to “lots and lots of thread later…”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Good luck on the contest!

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