yet one more…

This free hand machine embroidery is of an urn that stands in memorial on Myrtle Hill in the cemetery in Rome.   My husband and I made a quick visit there this past week while on an errand in Rome.  Early in this blog, I painted some angels from this same cemetery.  I did not take note of the owner of this memorial, but  on this trip I did find my great grandparents’ graves, T.J. Eubanks, Sn. and Edna Stinson Eubanks.  Their stones are small and flat, making them part of the minority on this monument filled hill.I have been having fun doing these paintings with thread.  I am still dissatisfied and am not sure where to go (if anywhere) with them.  This one is about 10″ high and 5″ wide and took several hours to do over the last few days.  I am curious to know how much thread is in it  but  I didn’t take note.

I have another image or two I want to try this way, then I may give it up.  Who knows?


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2 Responses to “yet one more…”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Hmmmm… It’s a shame to give them up since you obviously have a gift with this – but is the gift more about visual arts and you can do this with any media. Could you incorporate some of this in your quilts? Could there be embroidery paintings mounted on canvas like on would a tapestry weaving – but you continue the painting on the canvas? The reverse would also be interesting – painting with an embroidery mat… Could you convert the embroidery into something 3D – picture boxes with a different image on each face – christmas ball ornaments? Whatever you decide I’m sure will be great – even if it’s to move onto something else!

  2. Jan Kellogg Says:

    Don’t give it up! It is gorgeous. You are so talented.

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