Oh, the inspiration!

Just returned from Barnes and Noble.  I am trying to stay out of bookstores with purse strings being so tight these days and add to that,  no more shelf space for books or magazines.  But I saw a magazine that was inspiring to me, Quiltmania.   I held on to it for several minutes before putting it back.  (kept the 3 novels tho’)  I came home and looked up their website.  Who needs magazines anymore??? Their website is beautiful with pictures galore to inspire.

My husband has been doing digital/photoshop artwork for architectural illustration for the last few years.  So he picks up a magazine he wants.  He asked if  I was embarrassed to go thru the check out with it.  Why is it that all digital art magazine have to have scantily clad, overly sexed young ladies on their covers?  Hmm???  He says there is good information it it.  Hmm.

And then the current Somerset magazine on Artful Blogging.  Guessing my blog is not really artful.  Maybe just art-full.  Wonder if it needs a makeover?

Since I have quilting on my mind and haven’t shared many with you, I thought I would now.  I have been commissioned to do some quilt making.  Getting psyched up for it.

This is the whole face of those eyes in my banner above.  I never bound this one.

Here is a butterfly that I never put the binding on.

And a portrait of my father that never got a binding either.

Got a trend going.   I am guessing I was not motivated to finish any of these.  Not sure why except there is no place to display them so why bother.  Binding isn’t my favorite task.And to show you I can make relatively traditional quilts, here is one that will actually cover me up.   The perfect napping quilt.


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3 Responses to “Oh, the inspiration!”

  1. steve Says:

    Oh my…I absolutely LOVE the one of your father. Wow!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    The quilts are magnificient – can you outsource the binding????

  3. tina Says:

    Hi I came over from Gifts of the Journey, Eilizabeth thought I would enjoy your work and I really do, Your books are lovely buit your quilts are astounding……. Worth finishing i would have thought.

    I am half way throught the first year of Fine Art Textiles Degree in Cornwall England…… your work is inspirational. Do you mind if I share your blog with my fellow students? A few of them are interested in fine art quilts….
    either way I will check back with you to see what you are up to.

    Keep up the good work.

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