a little book

Whilst waiting for the desire to paint to return, I am looking at other ways tokeep my fingers occupied.  Last night I made this little book.  It is only a little over 2″ square and has 72 very blank pages in it.  I photographed it next to my architect’s scale for scale.  It was not suppose to have a fastener to hold it shut but the weight of the cover is not enough to keep it closed as you can see from the last picture.   Lay it down and it just flops open.  The leaf is embroidered on linen.  Think I will make another with a ginko leaf.Speaking of linen, I never told you what my romantic husband gave me for Valentine’s Day.  He bought me a whole roll of oil primed Belgium Linen at a very low price from Pearl’s who has sadly gone out of business.  Not only do I need to start painting, I need to break out the oils and find some faces to paint.

Maybe my desire to paint is intertwined with lack of time to paint.  I have had architectural work lately which is keeping me out of the studio.  Good to have work, I am hoping it is a sign that the economy is starting to turn.

So here is a question for you.  A final Jeopardy  question recently was about a late 19th or early 20th century painting by someone whose name I cannot remember.  It was a blank white canvas, just like when you are a kid and say of a blank sheet,  it is a white rabbit in a snow storm.  Anyone know who the artist was and what the painting is?  I can find a painting of a white sheet of paper on a white background but I don’t think this is the painting.   BTW, the “question” was “what is white on white” (or something similar).  The contestants were all incorrect, but I got it right!


3 Responses to “a little book”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I don’t know off hand, but I did find these two links that may be of use…



  2. Karen Owen Says:

    What a wonderful little book! Very glad to hear that you have work to do, but sad that it keeps you from painting.

  3. laurenfinley Says:

    Jennifer, thanks for the links. I love the rabbits in the snow. Don’t think it was the jeopardy answer but I found one especially inspirational.

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