wishing for warmer weather and opened windows

Winter has gone on too long.  The very dry heat of  forced air furnaces  have totally mummified my wellsprings of creativity (along with my skin and sinus cavities).  I have had little inspiration and that which has inspired me, is so  beautiful I feel like just giving it up.  Ever feel that way?

I found out today that one of my paintings was accepted into the Rome (Georgia) Art Corterie’s upcoming juried show.  I entered three and the one of which I was least excited,  was the one accepted.  This is the first show I have entered in 15 years.  I am more honored than I am disappointed the others were not accepted.  At least I keep telling myself that.

My days are not spent idle though.  I have been creating and because my husband tells me they are worthy, I am showing you some plates I painted on.  I have no kiln, so these are painted on the purchased plates with ceramic paints.  I also wanted to post something, anything.  I am getting a little tired of pulling up my blog and seeing that old plastic duck!



4 Responses to “wishing for warmer weather and opened windows”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Congrats on the acceptance! It is wonderful to have your name and work out hwere so many can see it! I also love these plates. It’s wonderful how they flow together!

  2. Kathy Spoering Says:

    These little plates are lovely! And I do know how you feel, about your creativity being sucked out of you by the work of others and even by your own successes and seeming failures. Inspiration is a hard bubble to catch hold of, sometimes! Hang in there, though, because your lovely work is an inspiration to me, during this long dry winter of the soul.

  3. laurenfinley Says:

    I think tapestry weavers must be the loveliest people there are.

    Thanks, Jennifer, we’ll see how it goes!

    Thank you, Kathy, to think I could inspire anyone is beyond me! You are kind to say it!


  4. Karen Owen Says:

    I love these little plates. That’s great news about your painting. I’m very excited for you. I, too, am more than ready for spring.

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