What I did with my time today.

I have been participating in some studies with the same wonderful artists who also did the Campay copy.  I was trying to get caught up today and did the first 3 lessons of Ian Sidaway’s book Be an Artist in Ten Steps shown below.    I am 3 steps closer having done 1. proportion and scale, 2. perspective, and 3. line.  My least favorite doing them was the 3. line (lowest below); it is my favorite as reproduced on the computer screen.

After these lessons, I moved on trying to catch up with the notan studies.  My attempts are below. I find it hard to concentrate on shape rather than line and then the proportions are messed up.  The couple at the bottom is a value study of Thomas Hart Benton’s painting Romance.  Know anything of Benton?  He was an American regionalist whose works are just genius.  His friend and  fellow regionalist was Grant Wood who painted American Gothic and The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere.  (I wonder if that painting is still in elementary school history books; that is how I remember it.) According to the instructions, I was suppose to use an old masters painting to do this exercise.  I think Benton qualifies.  So does Wood. 

And then, having struggled with acrylics for the last few days, I switched to watercolour.  This is a still life set up in the Ten Steps book for pastel, I just jumped ahead and painted it in watercolour. Tomorrow starts a busy weekend.  Have a good weekend with your Valentine!


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One Response to “What I did with my time today.”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    You are always looking for ways to learn something new – I think it’s great and the paintings are beautiful!

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