what does an old rooster and a daughter have in common? they are both chicks!

So I can’t write comedy but I try.

My day did not start as I had expected.  I expected to get up this morning, drink coffee in leisure, do a little pick up in the very, very disarranged studio and then paint.  I actually got up, poured my coffee and took my daughter to the doctor.  Her temperature was 103.9!  A 24 year old with a high fever is no less scary than a 4 year old with one.  She now has antibiotics in her system and hopefully will make a remarkable recovery.

Now, on to painting.  Over the last few days I have ruined no less than 4 canvases doing very uninspired work in spite of creating notans for composition and assurance of a “successful painting”.  Maybe my 5th canvas will be the charm.  I have an idea….

Thought I might share a chicken with you today.  Soup form for Suzannah, block print for you.  This was printed in black ink and then watercoloured.  Artist Kathleen West does remarkable graphic block printing with watercolour.  Her control in carving is remarkable.  Very inspiring and sometimes amusingly poetic.  Look for Mary’s Lamb for a better laugh than above.


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