not much going on with my muse

I sorted paper yesterday.  Took me a long time and I didn’t throw away nearly as much as I should have.  I must  have a stack of paper 4 feet tall and I have no idea on how to keep it neat.

I did find some paper I had marbleized some time back.  I still don’t know the master’s trick but these were the best results I have ever gotten.  I doubt the master uses the methods I have tried (i.e. shaving cream);  it would be fun to take a class in this to see how it is really done.   These were done with laying very fluid acrylic paint (meant for airbrushing) on liquid starch.   I cut hearts from 2 different sheets with a  punch.  I love the little patterns in these hearts.

Hope to be painting again and weaving again very soon.  I have been busy with other stuff and being pulled away from art  is detrimental to my muse.  I think this is why you should create every day.

Did you know that not one of the 9 Greek muses is for the visual arts?  And  with all that beautiful art dedicated to them, it is rather curious…


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2 Responses to “not much going on with my muse”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I agree one should create everyday – it’s like a muscle that needs to be exercised and if not used it won’t be in shape when you need it! BUT somehow life gets in the way – I keep wondering if I need to change my attitude towards everyday life and see some of it as creating! That’s for another day!

  2. Julia Evatt Says:

    Laurie, I love the hearts. What are the nine muses for, then? Dance, poetry, music–I’ve totally forgotten. Always thought it odd that Erato is for poetry, though. I remember some of the names–Calliope, Euterpe, Terpsichore, sounds like they’re all for music!

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