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another small blank book

February 28, 2010

I did the ginkgo leaf book.  Now I am thinking thistle.

Speaking of thistles, my mother, Julia Evatt, did the most beautiful little beaded thistle recently.  Unfortunately, it did not make it into my greedy little hands so I cannot show it to you.  But, I do have a picture of her beading handiwork, a bracelet she made for a swap on a beading cruise she took last month.

The little faces are all her designs.  I think she rightly impressed her fellow beaders!

If, like me,  you have a sporadic desire to embroider, there is a great blog here that demonstrates  more stitches than I knew existed.

Ever hear of the “twisted fly stitch”?

a little book

February 26, 2010

Whilst waiting for the desire to paint to return, I am looking at other ways tokeep my fingers occupied.  Last night I made this little book.  It is only a little over 2″ square and has 72 very blank pages in it.  I photographed it next to my architect’s scale for scale.  It was not suppose to have a fastener to hold it shut but the weight of the cover is not enough to keep it closed as you can see from the last picture.   Lay it down and it just flops open.  The leaf is embroidered on linen.  Think I will make another with a ginko leaf.Speaking of linen, I never told you what my romantic husband gave me for Valentine’s Day.  He bought me a whole roll of oil primed Belgium Linen at a very low price from Pearl’s who has sadly gone out of business.  Not only do I need to start painting, I need to break out the oils and find some faces to paint.

Maybe my desire to paint is intertwined with lack of time to paint.  I have had architectural work lately which is keeping me out of the studio.  Good to have work, I am hoping it is a sign that the economy is starting to turn.

So here is a question for you.  A final Jeopardy  question recently was about a late 19th or early 20th century painting by someone whose name I cannot remember.  It was a blank white canvas, just like when you are a kid and say of a blank sheet,  it is a white rabbit in a snow storm.  Anyone know who the artist was and what the painting is?  I can find a painting of a white sheet of paper on a white background but I don’t think this is the painting.   BTW, the “question” was “what is white on white” (or something similar).  The contestants were all incorrect, but I got it right!

wishing for warmer weather and opened windows

February 22, 2010

Winter has gone on too long.  The very dry heat of  forced air furnaces  have totally mummified my wellsprings of creativity (along with my skin and sinus cavities).  I have had little inspiration and that which has inspired me, is so  beautiful I feel like just giving it up.  Ever feel that way?

I found out today that one of my paintings was accepted into the Rome (Georgia) Art Corterie’s upcoming juried show.  I entered three and the one of which I was least excited,  was the one accepted.  This is the first show I have entered in 15 years.  I am more honored than I am disappointed the others were not accepted.  At least I keep telling myself that.

My days are not spent idle though.  I have been creating and because my husband tells me they are worthy, I am showing you some plates I painted on.  I have no kiln, so these are painted on the purchased plates with ceramic paints.  I also wanted to post something, anything.  I am getting a little tired of pulling up my blog and seeing that old plastic duck!


February 14, 2010

For Illustration FridayAdrift.  An exercise in idleness, something I don’t really have time for at the moment .  But what better way to spend St. Valentine’s Day than to be idle.  Hmmm, wonder how this differs from most evenings.  I guess this is an advantage to not having young children.   Your evenings are your own.

I have a confession.  I love plastic, mechanical toys.  I have bought  hippos, horses, ducks, elephants, frogs and more under the pretense of gifts for my son and daughter but the truth is,  I cannot pass them by.  The simplicity of  pulling a string or twisting a knob to make something move is just brilliant.  No batteries or electricity or computer chip needed. The Flying Pig, Yamaha Paper Craft and Canon Creative Craft all  have mechanical paper toys (and other stuff) you can download to print and make yourself.   Takes a bit of time but so worth the smile that comes to your face when you actually see your toy work.

Call me a Luddite if you like.

What I did with my time today.

February 11, 2010

I have been participating in some studies with the same wonderful artists who also did the Campay copy.  I was trying to get caught up today and did the first 3 lessons of Ian Sidaway’s book Be an Artist in Ten Steps shown below.    I am 3 steps closer having done 1. proportion and scale, 2. perspective, and 3. line.  My least favorite doing them was the 3. line (lowest below); it is my favorite as reproduced on the computer screen.

After these lessons, I moved on trying to catch up with the notan studies.  My attempts are below. I find it hard to concentrate on shape rather than line and then the proportions are messed up.  The couple at the bottom is a value study of Thomas Hart Benton’s painting Romance.  Know anything of Benton?  He was an American regionalist whose works are just genius.  His friend and  fellow regionalist was Grant Wood who painted American Gothic and The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere.  (I wonder if that painting is still in elementary school history books; that is how I remember it.) According to the instructions, I was suppose to use an old masters painting to do this exercise.  I think Benton qualifies.  So does Wood. 

And then, having struggled with acrylics for the last few days, I switched to watercolour.  This is a still life set up in the Ten Steps book for pastel, I just jumped ahead and painted it in watercolour. Tomorrow starts a busy weekend.  Have a good weekend with your Valentine!

what does an old rooster and a daughter have in common? they are both chicks!

February 9, 2010

So I can’t write comedy but I try.

My day did not start as I had expected.  I expected to get up this morning, drink coffee in leisure, do a little pick up in the very, very disarranged studio and then paint.  I actually got up, poured my coffee and took my daughter to the doctor.  Her temperature was 103.9!  A 24 year old with a high fever is no less scary than a 4 year old with one.  She now has antibiotics in her system and hopefully will make a remarkable recovery.

Now, on to painting.  Over the last few days I have ruined no less than 4 canvases doing very uninspired work in spite of creating notans for composition and assurance of a “successful painting”.  Maybe my 5th canvas will be the charm.  I have an idea….

Thought I might share a chicken with you today.  Soup form for Suzannah, block print for you.  This was printed in black ink and then watercoloured.  Artist Kathleen West does remarkable graphic block printing with watercolour.  Her control in carving is remarkable.  Very inspiring and sometimes amusingly poetic.  Look for Mary’s Lamb for a better laugh than above.

not much going on with my muse

February 3, 2010

I sorted paper yesterday.  Took me a long time and I didn’t throw away nearly as much as I should have.  I must  have a stack of paper 4 feet tall and I have no idea on how to keep it neat.

I did find some paper I had marbleized some time back.  I still don’t know the master’s trick but these were the best results I have ever gotten.  I doubt the master uses the methods I have tried (i.e. shaving cream);  it would be fun to take a class in this to see how it is really done.   These were done with laying very fluid acrylic paint (meant for airbrushing) on liquid starch.   I cut hearts from 2 different sheets with a  punch.  I love the little patterns in these hearts.

Hope to be painting again and weaving again very soon.  I have been busy with other stuff and being pulled away from art  is detrimental to my muse.  I think this is why you should create every day.

Did you know that not one of the 9 Greek muses is for the visual arts?  And  with all that beautiful art dedicated to them, it is rather curious…