Time Travel

A friend of mine presented me a challenge.  He would create a song and I would create a painting based on the same subject.  His wife choose our subject.  Cades Cove.  Cades Cove is in mountians of eastern Tennessee.  In the 30’s, the national parks service bought out the descendants of families who settled there in the late 1700’s early 1800’s and have preserved the area.  Makes me think of the flooding scene from O Brother Where Art Thou? but without the flood. And while I find it tragic that people were removed from their homes, I so enjoy the opportunty to be there myself.  We spent a long weekend with our friends there a couple of years ago and it was a destination for drives taken as a child with my family.   I find the place haunting.  If you could get rid of the cars on the road circling thru it, you can take yourself  back in time.  I envision the people who lived there, what their daily life was like, how they came to be there, what they ate for dinner.  🙂  I imagine there is only a half degree of separation from my own forefathers. 

I was so excited by the thought of this subject matter and a rewarding Saturday talking about art, that I immediately went to work and painted this.  I don’t believe this is my final painting on the subject.  The subject matter is loosely based on what is in Cades Cove and that is why I am pleased with this painting.  I created my painting from composition studies and not photos.  A break thru for me that I hope I can continue, because I have several more images floating around my head.

acrylic on masonite  24″x24″

And, because the prompt from Illustration Friday  is Wilderness, I feel I can show this painting for that.  This area was wilderness when the people settled the cove.  Hard to get to, but full of beauty and promise.   Or perhaps the settlers were just too tired to continue.


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7 Responses to “Time Travel”

  1. dt.haase Says:

    beautiful painting – well captured

  2. Krista Says:

    Beautiful! Nice colors and I love the angle of the house! At first I thought “gloomy” (in a good way) but you said “haunting” and that’s even better. What a fun project!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Good on you! What a great moment to be inspired and have a breakthrough! How exciting!

    I like the “fluid” feel to the painting. The front trees don’t have leaves, but the back ones do. The walkway and steps carry my eye around. And the catywhompus (sp?) of the headstones speaks of change even if it is long over time. Love it!

  4. Karen Owen Says:

    Oh, I do love Cades Cove! Do you remember when we used to go there with Mama and Daddy? You did impart a haunted quality to this painting with the angles of the church and tombstones and in a very appealing way..

  5. Steve Shaffer Says:

    I love it, Lauren.. did you get my email about my progress on our challenge?

    His and yours,

  6. Elizabeth Harper Says:

    You do such amazing work Lauren … I wish I had half the ability you have in your little finger. I was just unpacking my books after two years of storing them and came across a book on how to paint with watercolor along with a couple of pads of watercolor paper and some brushes. I think I’m a hopeless cause, but one day soon when my space is finished and I’m settled in, I hope to give it a try.

    I am always inspired by your creations. Lovely stuff.

  7. andrewfinnie Says:

    beautiful and mysterious!

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