fresh off the easel

Words to accompany this painting elude me.  “Sorry” or “You’re Welcome”, whatever the case may be.

acrylic on canvas   12×12


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4 Responses to “fresh off the easel”

  1. Steve Says:

    “Little bird come sit upon my window sill.
    She sat there through the pouring rain.
    I watched that little bird upon my window sill.
    And I saw my thoughts of you roll by again.

    Paint a picture of my face
    On the window pane
    Is it tears I see or is it rain?”

    “Little Bird” Jerry Jeff Walker

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Very sweet – that’s one of the things I miss most in the winter are the birds. I put out a feed this weekend and did draw in a few to adore. Thanks for sharing

  3. Karen Owen Says:

    So sweet! We’ve had so many birds this winter, especially when it was so frigid a couple of weeks ago. One morning there were 6 bluebirds at my feeders!

  4. Leslie Wood Says:

    Your paintings are just lovely!!! I found my ‘green’ book and was flipping back through it and fell in love again with your watercolor of the fairy dancing on the flowers… -Leslie

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