Celtic Knots

Do you know what a Celtic Knot is?   All I really know is that they were used to illuminate manuscripts during the middle (or were they dark) ages.

I found a video that shows Popparoc creating a Celtic knot and I am amazed.  I tried to do some (and made Ken and Taylor try it too) and found it is not hard and is a rather fun pasttime.  What I don’t understand is how it works and manages to close up all nice and neat regardless of  how large or whether it is an odd number or even number. 

The colors represent the different closed loops it makes.  In the case above there are 3, but in the lower two black and white examples there is just one.  I think it must be due to the proportions.

I wondered what would happen if I took out the center and it still worked!

I kind of like the idea of being a monk.  I would be happy to illumninate manuscripts all day long.


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