Today’s prompt word for Illustration Friday is confined.  I just happened to have finished this painting yesterday.  It was done from a photo of a young woman called Living Statue I found on the web here.  She is covered in greenish makeup and old fashioned clothing and just looks absolutely beautiful even with shackles and chains on her.  I am guessing she represented those who were sent to live in the colonies way back when but I could be totally wrong.  There could be some other perfectly viable reason for her to be holding chains but this story suits my purposes today…   So, stretching a bit, she is confined via shackles even while facing the vastness of her future.  We are all confined a bit by our circumstances, don’t you think?  Not that we can’t take things into our own hands, but sometimes…..


acrylic on canvas  18×24


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12 Responses to “Confined”

  1. rventrello Says:

    beautiful painting and great color 🙂

  2. khwhitaker Says:

    lovely work

  3. Donata Says:

    Wow Lauren,such wonderfull work.Colours,composition and figure.Absolutely love it.

  4. Marylea Remkus Says:

    I love it…

  5. Laurel Neustadter Says:


  6. Daniel Blankenship Says:

    You can totally see the determination in her mouth with the slightly upturned edges and the squinting look her lower lids are giving by being pulled up. It is great contrast with the lifeless look of her hand in shackles…her reality of today. Very nice.

    • laurenfinley Says:

      Daniel, aren’t you my clever boy. This is I guess what art should do. Cause people to see something you did not even intend. Reality, she is squinting because of the sun or, as the photo shows, she has a slight smile on her face, which I didn’t capture. Who wouldn’t if dress like that, perched on a pedestal in the midst of tourists. Thanks.

  7. Mary Says:

    Her turban is fantastic. Great colors!

  8. R M Smith Says:

    Very bold coloring. Nicely done!

  9. Indigene Says:

    The color and composition are amazing! Wow!

  10. steve Says:

    What a wonderful treat to be able to sit a few minutes and catch up on your blog while my wife hmmms and blow dries her hair in the other room. Thank you for a wonderful few minutes to close out a blessed day. Absolutely lovely work.

  11. Karen Owen Says:

    Laurie, this is outstanding.

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