In Between Holidays

Time off and time to paint.  I bought a watercolour medium that is suppose to slow drying time and help with the blending.  I am not sure exactly if I am using it right but I was pleased with some of the effects.  If I put it on the paper and then added paint, I was able to get a soft line without it spreading very quickly.  I guess it gave me a little more control.

I painted birds.  These are all about 4.5″ x4.5″.

I think the last is my weakest but it was the one of which my son Taylor said “wow”, so I had to include it.  Funny how people see things differently.



2 Responses to “In Between Holidays”

  1. Kate Says:

    They are all lovely! I like the third one, too, as it is so warm, and I am soooo cold today! We have had flocks of robins in our spruce tree eating the berries. I had never seen robins flock together before; I am used to them only in pairs. These were flocking together with up to 20-some robins berry hunting the neighborhood together. Is that normal?

  2. Jan Kellogg Says:

    These pictures are amazing! You ae so talented.

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