Giving Thanks for the Sun




I truly wish I were as Shakespeare says and could appreciate each season while in that season, rather than longing for warmer weather.  Last night was the longest night of the year.  That means we are on the rise again (i.e. the sun will stay out longer each night from here on).  You can understand why ancient man started worshipping the sun when you bask in it’s warmth while sitting in your terrarium like car because it is too blasted cold to sit in open air.  And I live in Georgia.  Lord, help me.  But I am truly thankful for the sun shining here in Georgia for the last two days.  We have had so much rain and cloudiness…

Here is a lino block I cut of William Shakespeare, on my screen appearing actual size.  I was perusing thru Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations  looking for something inspiring.  I have never really studied Shakespeare; I rather wish I could go back and take some literature classes in college.  I think I missed out on much.  Maybe 2010 will bring some independent studies into my life.



One Response to “Giving Thanks for the Sun”

  1. Mary Ann Says:

    Lauren, remind me to show you my Shakespeare box sometime when you are here.

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