My first thought upon hearing this word for Illustration Friday (I know it’s Wednesday now, life sometimes gets in the way) is of an idea that hatches.  I have so many ideas that never hatch, I guess I don’t incubate them long enough before moving on to the next.  I think it comes from laziness.  It is easier to keep laying idea eggs than it is to hatch them. 

  6×6   acrylic on canvas


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9 Responses to “Hatch”

  1. Fourborne Says:

    Very nice painting.

  2. Sally Taylor Says:

    Nice color scheme and textures!

  3. dt.haase Says:


  4. khwhitaker Says:

    this is a lovely painting

  5. Dave Says:

    This is great. Love the feel and colors.

  6. Indigene Says:

    This is so beautiful! It evokes such a feeling of beauty!

  7. tanja Says:

    lovely peaceful painting, wise words too, I know just what you mean

  8. Joan Baragar Says:

    Hatch is a good word but Blossom better describes your recent painting marathon. I can’t wait for the full bloom.

  9. Bette Says:

    Most beautiful bird’s nest is “Hatch.” The square format, colors chosen, and the stokes are well done.

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