After Thanksgiving Post

Last winter I talked my husband into buying me a rigid heddle loom.  Know what I love best about it?  Being able to say “rigid heddle loom”.  I bet 2% of the population have not a clue what a rigid heddle loom is.  If you are one of the 98%, look it up please.  I don’t think I know enough about weaving to explain it properly.  I do know that you can create a scarf with it and you can create one in much less time than it takes to knit or crochet it.  It is fun to watch progress and even more fun when that progress moves quickly.

Busy-ness makes blogging difficult but I did manage to weave this week.  Here is a scarf woven of wool.  Perhaps not the best wool for comfort but I wore it today and was nice and toasty.  I had no model and was force to create one for the photo.  Don’t laugh too much.



One Response to “After Thanksgiving Post”

  1. Karen Owen Says:

    I’m laughing so hard my sides hurt – NOT! Your scarf is beautiful.

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