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December 30, 2009

A young father commissioned me to do a  portrait similar to the one I did of  Will before Christmas.  He was giving it to his wife for Christmas.  I was very  honored.  Here is the small 5″x7″ watercolour of Collin.  He is a lively 5 year old I have the priviledge of playing with in Children’s Church when he is not with his busia! 

In Between Holidays

December 27, 2009

Time off and time to paint.  I bought a watercolour medium that is suppose to slow drying time and help with the blending.  I am not sure exactly if I am using it right but I was pleased with some of the effects.  If I put it on the paper and then added paint, I was able to get a soft line without it spreading very quickly.  I guess it gave me a little more control.

I painted birds.  These are all about 4.5″ x4.5″.

I think the last is my weakest but it was the one of which my son Taylor said “wow”, so I had to include it.  Funny how people see things differently.

Giving Thanks for the Son

December 23, 2009


I pray your Christmas is full of joy as you celebrate the birth of Christ.   Eat lots of cookies, I am!

Giving Thanks for the Sun

December 22, 2009




I truly wish I were as Shakespeare says and could appreciate each season while in that season, rather than longing for warmer weather.  Last night was the longest night of the year.  That means we are on the rise again (i.e. the sun will stay out longer each night from here on).  You can understand why ancient man started worshipping the sun when you bask in it’s warmth while sitting in your terrarium like car because it is too blasted cold to sit in open air.  And I live in Georgia.  Lord, help me.  But I am truly thankful for the sun shining here in Georgia for the last two days.  We have had so much rain and cloudiness…

Here is a lino block I cut of William Shakespeare, on my screen appearing actual size.  I was perusing thru Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations  looking for something inspiring.  I have never really studied Shakespeare; I rather wish I could go back and take some literature classes in college.  I think I missed out on much.  Maybe 2010 will bring some independent studies into my life.


December 16, 2009

 My first thought upon hearing this word for Illustration Friday (I know it’s Wednesday now, life sometimes gets in the way) is of an idea that hatches.  I have so many ideas that never hatch, I guess I don’t incubate them long enough before moving on to the next.  I think it comes from laziness.  It is easier to keep laying idea eggs than it is to hatch them. 

  6×6   acrylic on canvas


December 9, 2009

For Illustration Friday.

This started out as a watercolour.  It made for a fairly boring watercolour so I photoshopped it until I had an composition and image I liked. 

Nothing crunchier than a copse of carrots.

Trying to keep up….

December 7, 2009

Okay, fellow bloggers, how do you keep up?   Are you sleeping every single night or do you skip 2 or 3 nights in order to fit it all in?  

When there is no work, blogging regularly is easy.  Creating regularly is easy.  Keeping house is never easy.  But throw work (even part time) in the mix and I fall way behind in everything.

I have started decorating for Christmas and may just stop where I am for now.  After I get the empty boxes back into the attic that is.  For today’s show and tell, I am offering my Christmas tree.  The stars and birds were created a few years when I wanted a new style of tree and not our usual one consisting of every ornament I have (or my kids) collected since 1975.  Much as I loved the memories the ornaments gave, I was wanting a little more stylish tree.  My son balked a little that first  year but soon gave in.  The stars are made from folded cardstock, glued back to back and glittered.  I love the way they stand out against the green tree.  The birds are made from cotton batting.  I embroidered the wings and sewed them onto the body.   

The picture is blurry but I like it better than using a flash.  Makes the tree look like it is dancing around!

I have managed to do something with my hands this weekend.  I went on the Marietta Pilgrimage Christmas Tour of Homes and was inspired by a beautifully decorated house whose furnishings were so crisp and clean and cleverly arranged.  Makes me want a house like that.  Here is my first step in that direction.  I faux silkscreened an “F” and holly leaves onto cotton duck (I missed the linen sale by 2 days).  The “F” bled a little so I outline stitched each side of the screening to “crisp” up the edge.  To faux silkscreen, you can cut your negative image from freezer paper and iron it onto the fabric.  Then place the silk screen on top, add the paint and squeegee it down.  It works fairly well for one of a kind images.  Trying to peel up the freezer paper and reuse it would be difficult.

Getting close to bedtime.  Blogging won’t get keep me from my 10 hours!

After Thanksgiving Post

December 1, 2009

Last winter I talked my husband into buying me a rigid heddle loom.  Know what I love best about it?  Being able to say “rigid heddle loom”.  I bet 2% of the population have not a clue what a rigid heddle loom is.  If you are one of the 98%, look it up please.  I don’t think I know enough about weaving to explain it properly.  I do know that you can create a scarf with it and you can create one in much less time than it takes to knit or crochet it.  It is fun to watch progress and even more fun when that progress moves quickly.

Busy-ness makes blogging difficult but I did manage to weave this week.  Here is a scarf woven of wool.  Perhaps not the best wool for comfort but I wore it today and was nice and toasty.  I had no model and was force to create one for the photo.  Don’t laugh too much.