Illustration Friday word prompt this week is “unbalanced”.  On the drive thru sign of my favorite coffee shop this morning sat a single child’s shoe.  It made me think of all the unbalanced children there must be when so many shoes lay on the roadsides.  I find it kind that some thinking soul placed the shoe on the sign so that, perhaps, with any luck, the parents of this child with one shod foot would see it, enabling them to balance out their poor teetering kid.

This shoe belongs to my 20 year old, 6′ tall, baby boy.  It doesn’t fit him anymore.   I sketched  it in pencil then started coloring it with Prismacolor pencils.baby-jacks


Does anyone do the bronzing thing anymore?



One Response to “Unbalanced”

  1. Ratu Lakhsmita Indira Says:

    i do… maybe 😀

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