Art Lives On

I have a new love.  This love is a gentle soul with such great talent, I was brought to tears looking at his work.  My husband need not worry though, this wonderful artist died 79 years ago at the very early age of 31.  That saddens me but thankfully, his work lives on. I had never heard of him until recently though the internet and want you to know about him too.  If you are familiar with his work already, lucky you.  You have had him longer than I.

His name was Jan Mankes and he lived from 1889 to 1920.   His paintings can be viewed here.   The site is in Dutch but the introduction is in English.  The link will take you to his paintings.  Enjoy them, they are beautiful. Jan Mankes Painting

Vogelnestje bij berkestam by Jan Mankes

Someday I wish to paint so beautifully.

While I am sharing art other than my own, there is a great blog called The Blue Lantern (where I first saw Mankes’ work).  Jane Librizzi introduces us to so much beautiful art and is so informative with her blog.  Please visit it.   It is well worth your time.

Another blog I discovered recently belongs to the artist James Gurney of Dinotopia fame.  Ken was so enamored of his work when he discovered him.  His blog is devoted to all kinds of art and I especially like his Academic Painters section.

I had better get busy painting.



One Response to “Art Lives On”

  1. Donata Says:

    Hi Laurie.Isnt his work lovely?The stillness of it always takes your breath away.You wont believe this ,but he was a Frisian, an inhabitant of the small province of Friesland,just like me and I recognise the stillness of his work and the hues of mist and fog and the special mood of our silent and peacefulll landscape in all his work.He wasnt a landscape painter in itself, but that landscape and all that lives in it,and all its stories and legends permeate all his work.Recently a museum , dedicated to Frisian painters ,was opened, and it was built in the middle of wide spaces of meadowland where you can still breath deeply, and now Jan Mankes work is at the best place it could be.Thanks for the wonderfull links and if you need an occasional translation if you are interested ; dont use those translation-machines (ask Karen why )Just mail me and I`ll do my best..

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