Second Take

My reduction print turned into a tapestry.    I stuggled with keeping the warp vertical.  I think I have the warp too close together for the yarn I am using, and have started another, simpler design in an effort to improve my technique. 

I am calling this piece “Medusa with a Migraine”.  She looks as though she could bite someone’s head off.  I think she just experienced her first hot flash.  I did not set out to create Medusa, she just appeared as I wove.  Don’t look into her eyes….


No photoshop touch up, but you did notice the mat hiding the edges, didn’t you?  There are all kinds of ways to cover up mistakes.



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2 Responses to “Second Take”

  1. tommye scanlin Says:

    NICE! Have you seen the tapestry portraits of Barbara Burns? She has an artist page on the ATA website:
    Just go to the artist pages link at the left side bar and all are listed alphabetically.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Isn’t it amazing how things change as one changes media??? Medusa with a migraine! Hah! So how ouwld things change if you made it bigger or increased the epi? Who would she become???

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