This autumn is passing too quickly.  I know this as I shiver in the evenings.  Each season passes with such speed until the year becomes a blur and I cannot tell if it is 2009 or 1989.  This was quite evident yesterday as I was consulting a calendar and insisting that the day was the 8th while the woman I was talking to was adamant it was the 5th.  Of course, had I realized it was November instead of October, I might have saved myself a little embarrassment.  How do the months pass so quickly? 

This is my illustration of the word “blur” for Illustration Friday.  I did a watercolour and then cropped it and played with it in photoshop.  I guess I have to call it mixed media.


I am thinking this may become a tapestry, too.  Can’t you see it?



11 Responses to “Blur”

  1. ArtSnark Says:

    very cool – like the colors & composition. Definitely would ba a cool tapestry

  2. guto Says:

    loved …. amazing … 🙂

  3. Amber Alvarez Says:

    It already feels like a tapestry. I could see it as a really special table runner too for a fancy Fall arrangement of leaves and candles.

  4. Indigene Says:

    The epitome of Fall! Beautiful painting!

  5. Sally Taylor Says:

    Lovely… wistful.

  6. neilornstein Says:

    very nice

  7. Jennifer Says:

    Definitely see a tapestry and it’s not a static piece with the leaves falling – I was just thinking that it would be great to have leaves falling as part of a tapestry!

  8. TMartin Says:

    This is really lovely! And yes, I can see it as a tapestry. I too feel as if the seasons/years/ages are passing too quickly. Somehow my son is 19 and in college, and we were just making costumes and trick-or-treating.

  9. shirley Says:

    Oh, it is an absolute treat for me to see your work. So true, too, of what you write. I find myself amazed at how quickly life passes by. I love the fall, and so this piece is so wonderful to see..and it goes by so quickly. Have a wonderful week and enjoy the rest of the season. : )

  10. Ratu Lakhsmita Indira Says:

    yes i can 🙂

  11. roberta baird Says:


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