With Apologies to Margaret Mitchell

When she was finally able to go out again, Scarlett had Lou lace her into her stays as tightly as the strings would pull.  Then she passed the tape measure about her waist. Twenty inches!  She groaned aloud.  That was what having babies did to your figure!   Her waist was as large as Aunt Pitty’s, as large as Mammy’s.

            “Pull them tighter, Lou.  See if you can’t make it eighteen and a half inches or I can’t get into any of my dresses.”

            “It’ll bust de strings,” said Lou.  “Yo’ wais’ jes’ done got bigger, Miss Scarlett, an’ dar ain’ nuthin’ ter do ‘bout it.”

excerpted from Gone With The Wind


Lady-at-ChairIn my world, Scarlett stopped having babies and turned to food and ceased trying to steal Melly’s husband.  She had her stays custom made from the new steel plants located in Atlanta and Birmingham.  It was the only material strong enough to pull her waist in to 37 inches and when she wore it Prissy would swear to her that “yas’m, yo’ sho’ look skinny.” Serves her right for treating Rhett so poorly. 

5″x7″ Watercolor on lanaquarelle 140 lb rough  (I tell you this because this paper is great and you should try it)



6 Responses to “With Apologies to Margaret Mitchell”

  1. Elizabeth Harper Says:

    That is some funny stuff. I think Margaret Mitchell would have a good laugh too.

  2. lisa mertins Says:

    nice image margaret! that book was one of my favorites. who needs ms mitchell’s sequel anyway?

  3. shirley Says:

    So clever! I can’t imagine having an 18.5″ waist…insane.
    Definitely a beautiful illustraiton, again!!

  4. Indigene Says:

    Lol! What a scream! I love it!

  5. K Spoering Says:

    I love the pattern on the dress! And I, too, am a Gone With the Wind fan. I read it 4 times during my junior year in high school.

  6. Mattias Adolfsson Says:

    wonderful watercolors

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