The Three Legged Race

Remember the days of wearing socks that match your shirt  and playing in yards with chain link fences?  When did those kids become adults who write convenances that ban chain link fences in neighborhoods and wouldn’t be caught dead in dark socks with shorts unless they were trying to embarrass their children?  Oh, when did we grow up?


This watercolour was done for Illustration Friday’s topic of Fast.  It was taken from a photograph of boys at my church in the early ’70’s doing a three legged race.  I challenge you to go to the backyard, tie your ankle up with ___’s (perhaps your spouse’s??) ankle and see if you can still run like this.  Don’t worry about the neighbors watching, that is why we have privacy fences now.  But don’t forget your camera, I want a picture!



9 Responses to “The Three Legged Race”

  1. dt.haase Says:

    great watercolor

  2. steve Says:

    nice, and different, style.

    Fall is here…beautiful leaves. Any leaves hit your artistic eye?

  3. Andy Says:

    Very nice work. I like your figures and colors. 🙂

  4. Ivana Catovic Says:

    That’s a great idea and such a beautiful illustration!

  5. roberta baird Says:

    This is lovely!

  6. Karen Owen Says:

    This is fabulous and a different style for you. You are amazing.

  7. shirley Says:

    OOOOOOoooooo! I just love this illustration. Wonderful! So true, what you say…it’s ashame. I shall remember this for my children’s next party..and who knows..perhaps I’ll get out there with hubby too! : )

  8. adam taylor Says:

    Really great, clean colors.

  9. Rui Sousa Says:

    fantastic one. lovely one. great interpretation about the subject week. congratulations.

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