the Tortoise Vs. the Tapestry

If ever a tortoise was in the road when my siblings and I were young, and our father happened upon it, he would stop and we would have a short termed pet.  Short termed because we didn’t keep it, not for other more morbid reasons.   A few days ago, out of the blue, my daughter said she wanted a tortoise.  Wanting to be as good a parent as my father, I saw one today in the office parking lot and took it home to her.  Never mind Suzannah is 23 and not 10.  She researched it, determined it was a red eared slider and held it long enough for me to take some pictures.  She then carried it to the creek and released it back to it’s natural environment.  

I thought I would show you the pictures.  Look at the markings on this creature.  Wonder why God didn’t give us such wonderful natural tattoos, too.  I am thinking this little one may turn up somehow in a piece of art.


I have been working this week but I have managed to get some play time in.  I took Tommye Scanlin’s advice and started a small tapestry of my watercolour of the rook.  Here it is in progress.  Tapestry moves along at about the same rate as a tortoise.


Suzannah found out that a turtle was given by Captain Cook to the royal family of Tonga in 1777.  That particular turtle lived until 1965.  Imagine.



3 Responses to “the Tortoise Vs. the Tapestry”

  1. steve Says:

    200 year old turtles…wow.

    I loved turtles, guess I still do but haven’t thought about them in while. I still rescue them from the road. As a child, I remember we had a large tub I would keep them in when I was in Maryland, some 45 yrs ago. I would always give them food in the evening, tell them goodnight, but they would be gone in the morning. Always happend. I couldn’t figure it out, the tub was deep. Took me 30 years to realize my dad loved them more than I did and was letting them go…

  2. Karen Owen Says:

    I, too, remember Daddy picking those turtles up off the road and moving them to safety. One question about this turtle, though — where are its red ears?

    Can’t wait to see the finished tapestry.

  3. tommye scanlin Says:

    Nice rook feet! Looking forward to seeing it complete.

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