October Freeze

Saturday has been cold in Georgia.  My feet and hands are frozen.  Already have gloves on my hands for the winter. Recommendation for the day –  Target has little fingerless gloves for $2 per pair.  Cheap enough to paint in.

This is the second entry I have had for Illustration Friday.  Topic – Frozen.  frozen

acrylic on Masonite  12″x12″


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8 Responses to “October Freeze”

  1. mario sughi aka nerosunero Says:

    delicate as usual! beautiful

  2. shirley Says:

    WOW, this is simply stunning. I love the feel to this piece. Wonderful.

  3. candace trew camling Says:

    I agree with the comment above. I really love the colors… and the vintage 40’s feel to it!

  4. kay salem Says:

    Beautiful! Moving subject, and I love the colors.

  5. jeanie Says:

    Fingerless gloves are a staple for me — I knit them all the time, buy ’em when I see ’em, so thanks for the tip!

  6. aaron Says:

    beautiful painting!

  7. elizabeth Says:

    wow, this is lovely. great cool colors. i love her glance over the shoulder posture.

  8. Karen Owen Says:

    Beautiful painting. Love the expression on her face.

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