Nest’s Eggs

Nothing clever, intelligent, funny or wise is surfacing as I ponder this painting I am posting.  I wonder of its relevance, of a  single thread to connect it to some event or element happening in my life and I cannot.  And this is the reason I find it hard to call myself an artist.  Seems like art should have meaning.  Doesn’t it?  I am more aptly described as some ancient form of camera, someone who can portray what she sees.  Is this enough to be an artist?

My inner artist child is being stifled as I speak.



Acrylic  on Masonite    12″x12″

The photograph of the painting makes the paint look metallic, which it is not.  Technical problems in my life today keep me from caring too little to fix it. 

View my faux batik post to see how I created the background.



8 Responses to “Nest’s Eggs”

  1. art fan ako Says:


  2. Taylor Says:

    I think that the meaning that comes out of art doesn’t really come from the artist but the viewer.

  3. elizabeth Says:

    Beautiful colors and depth. Love the patterning in the background!

  4. kay salem Says:

    Your work is really good! You are an artist and a good one!

  5. Lisa Russo Says:

    I think about this sometimes too. I wonder if it’s enough just to create something for the love of it. On most days, I feel like it is enough. Some days are different, but most days I still make the choice to paint what I feel. Art for the sake of art is a relatively new concept. I don’t think art needs to have a meaning to be art, but neither do I think that art with a meaning is any less art. I think the nest you’ve painted is beautiful and that beauty is in itself enough, but if you do not feel that way, perhaps you could try some art that has a different kind of connection to you. Perhaps something related to things that you love that you feel like expressing. We all have doubts sometimes and only you can choose the path you’ll take as an artist, but wherever your journey takes you, please be kind to yourself.

  6. Donata Says:

    The Meaning of art is ,in my mind, mainly a fashion statement these days. I see a lot of gooblediegook in artists statements these days.Often used as a cover for really poor workmenship and lack of training and sincerity.Did Rembrandt think of himself as an artist with a need for big statements about politics or did he do what made him tick or was he painting because it paid the bills?It is a mixture of so many factors that makes an artist and I guess that the key is that artistry is in how it resonates within yourself and in the viewer.The problem comes when we lose sight of our own inner workings and start to care too much about other peoples comments.At such a moment we forget to paint from our heart and get lost in a world where you paint what you think others might like.A wellknown pittfall where we all end up in once in a while.I found that going back to your inner child artist,and the abundance you once painted with,without asking yourself if it was ” good enough” , is the way to enjoy your own work again, even if it means keeping your work to yourself for a while, so you dont have to compare yourself to what others might think or want..Even banning yourself from looking at artblogs for a while, truly helps getting back on track, untill you find pleasure in your own voice again.And for what its worth;I love your work;the way you see the world around you and share how you see things that are important to you ,what makes you sad or makes you smile,makes ,in my eyes , an artist.The little watercolours of the birds you made a while ago,really made my day; I see and enjoy those birds each morning myself and you really “nailed” their characters.It gave me joy to recognise how you depicted them.and how I saw them afterwards.You deepened the way I see then now. So,…Dont be overly critical towards yourself, dont compare your work with others too much, experiment to your hearts desire….just do what you love to do most and be as good at it as you can..enjoy being the artist you truly are.

  7. jeanie Says:

    Very beautiful. Nice to look at the batik without the art and then with to see how it all adds to the depth and eloquence of the finished piece. Lovely.

  8. Rubee Says:

    I love the nest with the resist background……..very beautiful!

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